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The Register of the Second Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902

One of the series available at the National Archives is WO97 - Soldiers Service Documents 1790-1913.

I have begun adding a new literary reference to The Register of 'WO97', this indicates that a soldier's papers are in WO97 (1900-1913).

These are the enlistment papers for soldiers of the Regular Army. Generally papers were only retained for pension purposes, papers for soldiers who died on service were destroyed (a very few are in WO97). Not every surviving soldier's papers will be found, but WO97 is the only place to find out any biographical information about a soldier of the Anglo-Boer War; unless they served in World War I or their pension claim was 'live' after 1914. Sometimes one can find discharge papers for Colonial soldiers and Imperial Yeomanry in WO97.

You can read more about WO97 and the National Archives catalogue here.

WO97 is sub-divided by year of discharge. The majority of soldiers who served in the Anglo-Boer War would have been discharged in the last group - 1900-1913. There are approximately 2090 boxes in this series, this is a big task!

Boxes checked WO97 - 1900-1913
Box FromToComplete
4296BakesBaldwin, CYes
4370Blake, ABlake, JohnYes
4378BoleBolton, JamesYes
4395Boyd, WBoyle, HYes
4397BraceBradbury, HYes
4459Burnett, MBurns, HYes
4706Dolan, TDominyYes
4722Downey, MDowns, JYes
4809FairlieFarmer, SYes
5186Hunt, IHunt, TYes
5265KellettsKelly, GYes
5266Kelly HKelly, JamesYes
5307Lane, ALane, John WilliamYes
5340Lewis, JLewis, LukeYes
5341Lewis, Luther ALewis, WilfredYes
5379McAllister, JMcArthurYes
5484MattackMatthews, Frederick JYes
5386McCarthy, WilliamMcClatchieYes
5398McDonald, NMcDOnald, WilliamYes
5552MosbyMoss, GYes
5654Parry, TParslow, John HenryNo
5699PlattenPlayle, WCNo
5715Pratt, HPreece, TYes
5787Roberts, HRoberts, JohnYes
5803Rodgers, JosephRoebottomYes
5902Simmons, AlbertSimmons, EINo
5934Smith Frederick J Smith George Yes
5955Smith, WalterSmith, WilliamYes
5956Smith, WilliamSmith, WilliamYes
5957Smith, WilliamSmith, WilliamYes
5958Smith, WilliamSmith, William HenryYes
5991Stephens, CharlesStephens, WentwardYes
6078Broakes A-Brockies F; Thornton G Thornton, William ENo
6180Watkins, William Watkiss, RNo
6245Willcocks, GAWilliams, Alexander WYes
6273Wilson, SWilson, Thomas WYes
6274Wilson, TomWilson, WilliamYes
6288Wood, RichardWood, WilliamYes
6299Wootton, IWorleyYes
6308Wright, RobertWright, WalterYes