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Medals Wanted
If you know the whereabouts of any of these medals please get in touch

We are interested in all medals to the 24th Foot/South Wales Borderers/Royal Regiment of Wales/Royal Welsh and any QSAs and KSAs. Please contact us if you have any you wish to sell.

If you know the whereabouts of any of these medals please get in touch!

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  • KSA 5889 Pte. H. B. Davenport, KSLI -reunited with his other medals - September 2018

  • Bradish, HE 88787 RA KSA - Reunited with QSA June 2016

  • Irving, G, 6054, Pte South Wales Borderers, QSA - Lost by New Zealand Post (liability admitted) ľ April 2008, recovered October 2013

  • Lost between South Africa and UK - July 2008:

  • Jones, DCB, 626346, War Medal and Africa Service Medal

    Whereabouts unknown:

  • Andrews, F 4076840 Sergeant Durham LI/South Wales Borderers, Military Medal

  • Bailey, AF Private LSR/2001 Royal Sussex Regt BWm & VM

  • Bandy, G Private 6th Dragoon Guards, QSA

  • Barron, F Trooper 120 Protectorate Rgt & Sergeant 9802 SAMIF, QSA & KSA

  • Beatty, G, Captain RAMC, 1915 Trio

  • Beynon, W, Private 6489 The South Wales Borderers, QSA

  • Birkley, C, Private 1176 The South Wales Borderers, QSA

  • Booysens, Hendry, C322135, Africa Star

  • Bowers, C Lt Middlesex Rgt, QSA & Silver War Badge - 206234

  • Clark, CV Sapper 353/532112 Royal Engineers World War I medals

  • Clarke, CF Corporal 31618 RGA King's South Africa Medal

  • Clarke, CF Trpr 1567 Remounts AIF 1914-15 Star trio

  • Clifford, W Sgt 5528 1915 Star trio

  • Deverell, EJ, Private, 82 Cape Mounted Rifles, Cape of Good Hope GSM and KSA

  • Dyer, LCE, Lt Indian Army Service Corps, QSA, KSA, IGS, BWM, VM, GSM, MSM, LSGC, Durbar

  • Dyer, R, Private 4998 Devonshire Rgt, QSA and KSA

  • Gee, HHA, Lt Uitenhage Volunteer Rifles, QSA and WW1 medals - Major.

  • Harries, WH, Private 10872 Worcestershire Rgt, 1915 Star trio

  • Harris, MR, Strathcona's Horse, QSA

  • Herridge, AJ, Pte 916 Kimberley Volunteer Regiment, KSA

  • Heuvel, Martin, Driver, Cape Auxiliary Horse Transport Company, 3307, British War Medal 1914-1920

  • Hipkiss, T, WOII 6441, South Wales Borderers, QSA, KSA, BWM

  • Jones, HM Private 1091/265225 Royal Welsh Fusiliers, BWM & VM

  • Jones, M Private/Lance-Corporal 3884 South Wales Borderers QSA

  • Jones, MC Corporal Bethune's Mounted Infantry QSA & KSA

  • Jones, W Private 4071 South Wales Borderers KSA

  • Jones, W Private 2154 West India Rgt East & West Africa medal

  • Kneen, JS Private 22541 South Wales Borderers, BWM & VM

  • Kunzelmeyer, F, Private, 2/The South Wales Borderers, Queen's South Africa Medal, Royal Humane Society (Small Unsuccessful)

  • Llewellyn, M Private 63796 The Welsh Regiment BWM & VM (Trio?)

  • Makin, FA Pte 2711 Imperial Yeomanry QSA

  • Marsh, WH Private 8035 Welch, QSA & WWI 5698 Military Foot Police

  • McGarry JP, Sgt RAF Conspicuous Gallantry Medal (last seen Christie's 1986)

  • McKilligan/Hardie, J Private 4079 2nd Dragoons, KSA

  • Nay, A Corporal 2577 Middlesex Rgt, 1914-15 trio, memorial plaque

  • Newton, FC Sgt 2508 BSAP QSA; Pte Brands Free State Rifles Victory Medal

  • Olverson, PR Sgt/WOII 52248 RFA, 1914-15 Star trio

  • Owen, M, 2nd Lieutenant, 9/The Welch Regiment, BWM & VM

  • Parkes, BW, Pte, Army Service Corps QSA

  • Pain, NH, Lt Umtali Volunteers British South Africa Company Medal

  • Pearson, J, Pte 11081 Loyal North Lancs 1914-15 Star trio

  • Pleass, E Sgt Medical Staff Corps BSAC Rhodesia 1896

  • Perryman, H Pte T1463 Army Service Corps SA General Service 1879, Egypt 1882

  • Price, JS QSA & KSA - Pte 1267 King's Royal Rifle Corps and British War Medal Lieutenant Lord Strathcona's Horse

  • Prime, W Pte 206268 Northumberland Fusiliers IGS Afghanistan 1919

  • Rae, Philip Trooper 5378 Thorneycroft's Mounted Infantry QSA

  • Read, George Gunner 62478 Royal Horse Artillery QSA

  • Royle, J Private 4761 Lancashire Fusiliers DCM [DJ]

  • Rouse, Charles Frederick, Private 2074 , 1/1 The South Wales Borderers 1914-1915 Star & Victory Medal 1914-1918

  • Ruther, Charles Henry, Silver War Badge (226701)

  • Ruther, William John, Private 15094, 1/The South Wales Borderers, 1914-1915 Star & Silver War Badge (87309)

  • Scotton, GW L-Cpl 71029 CASC, 1915 Trio

  • Scurrah, C Corporal 89382 Royal Engineers VM

  • Sheldon, JM Private Imperial Light Infantry QSA

  • Slater, H Private 10210 South Wales Borderers 1915 trio & Silver War Badge (270059)

  • Small, H, Private 3/8958 Northumberland Fusiliers, 1914-15 Star Trio.

  • Smith, WH, Private Griquatown Town Guard/Defence Force, QSA.

  • Smith, WHP, Lieutenant, 1914-15 Star, Victory Medal.

  • Soggee, VC, SSM S/18433, Army Service Corps 1914 Star trio, MSM.

  • Standers, S, M18558, 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Defence Medal

  • Stevens, Harry Whitehill, Captain, The South Wales Borderers/ King's African Rifles 1914-15 Star Trio. (Not the miniatures thank you!)

  • Steward, GB Col-Sgt 3755 South Wales Borderers, QSA, 1915 Trio, LSGC

  • Strong, CG Royal Navy, NGS Persian Gulf 1909-1914, 1915 Trio, LSGC

  • Taylor, F, Private 3257, The Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Rgt, IGS & KSA

  • Taylor, F, Private T-2460, The Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Rgt, 1915 Star, VM

  • Taylor, F, Private 3217, Imperial Light Horse, King's South Africa medal

  • White, E, Private 6895, The South Wales Borderers, KSA

  • Williams, W, Private A-256, Kings Royal Rifle Corps, British War Medal

  • Wright, Walter H, Private 22388, The South Wales Borderers, Victory Medal 1914-1918

  • King's Shropshire Light Infantry

    - QSA wanted
    2116 W. Kendrick
    1540 Pte. C. William

    - KSA wanted
    4761 Pte. J. McGrath & WW1 Service
    3188 Pte. J. Sherwood
    3437 Pte. R. Rowlands
    1648 Cpl. J. Taylor
    1837 Pte. J. Overton
    3019 Pte. E. Bennett
    3345 Pte. J. Gray