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Research Centre

The Research Centre opens up the data used in The Register so you can conduct your research into the men and women of the Second Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902.

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Medals noted for sale or otherwise extant this month and in the future

Anglo-Boer War medals noted for sale or otherwise extant:

Record with an image of the individual

Orders, Decorations & Medals awarded to Anglo-Boer War veterans:

Number of clasps awarded on a QSA

The Register is still being built so the numbers are not the final tally.

What you will get is an indication of scarcity.

War Memorials - only memorials that contain names are included in this list.

These are the war memorials recorded by The Register, initially from The Anglo-Boer War Memorials Project. You can find details and pictures of war memorials on National Inventory of War Memorials and War Memorials Online. There are many websites set up by regional war memorial recording groups you can find some links here.

The number in brackets against each memorial is the number of names expected on the memorial, usually taken from Sir James Gildea's catalogue For Remembrance (1911). This sometimes differs from the number of names recorded in The Register, there are a number of reasons: names not known, incomplete list received, poor quality pictures and deterioration of the memorial itself.

Memorials in London, England are listed by their borough/district, so search for 'Holborn', 'Islington' etc. For the City of London, search for 'City'.