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The Register of the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 - User Guide

There are two ways to search the Register:

  • Surname Search
    • Enter a surname. No wildcard search allowed
  • Advanced Search
    • Four parameters:
      • Surname
        • Minimum three characters, use ‘*’ for a wildcard search, e.g. ‘Jon*’, ‘M*Donald’ or ‘*Donald’
      • Initials
        • No spaces between letters,
        • Names such as ‘St John’ and ‘De Aula’ are ‘StJ’ and ‘DeA’
        • Automatically searches anywhere in the Initials for the letter(s) input
      • Unit
        • Select from the list provided
      • Rank
        • Select from the list provided

    Results from either search are displayed in a list on the Search Results screen. This screen shows the:

    • Surname
    • Initials - marked with an asterisk indicates the first name(s) are known
    • Rank
    • Number
    • Unit

    Type of data held shown using four indicators (use your mouse to hover over the indicator to tell you what it means):

    • C – casualty
    • X - casualty with improved and/or extra information to that in the Official Casualty Rolls
    • M – memorial
    • MR – medal roll (WO100 reference)
    • ME - medal clasp entitlement.
    • MP - medal roll page shown, see.
    • See The Medals for an explanation of the medals and clasps. If it is shown in red (ME) then that indicates the medal(s) have been recorded on the market or in a collection - view the record for details!
    • L – reference to a written source

    Every record has at least one of these types of information.

    From search results screen you can: add a record to a saved list or buy the record, click on the magnifying glass.

    The clock icon tells you the record has been updated; hover over the icon to reveal the date the record was changed.

    Use the red and green arrows on the column headings to sort the list by that column.

    Because many men served in more than one unit you will find the same person listed for each unit they served in, except if you use the Advanced Search and specify a unit. If there are multiple entries for one person listed you only need spend 1 credit to view all the information on The Register for that person. However, if you find a genuine duplicate record please let us know and we will refund you one credit.

    Buying a record allows you to view the complete set of information held. The detail view screen shows (where known):

    • Name and unit
    • Full name, rank, number (if appropriate), honours & awards
    • Full unit details
    • Remarks about the person
    • Sources used to update this record are shown in square brackets
    • References
    • Casualty details
      • Type of casualty, date and locacion
      • Unit(s) serving with at the time of the casualty
      • Source of casualty information
      • Link to Gazetteer record (where available)
      • Remarks about casualty
      • Sources used to update this record are shown in square brackets
    • Other units served in
    • Medals
      • Folio and page number to the medal rolls, National Archives class WO100 and ADM171
      • Clasp entitlement for the Queen's and King's South Africa medals
      • Other medals and decorations earned
    • Memorials
      • Which memorial(s) they appear on

    From this screen you can access the biography if it has been written.