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War Memorials

 This list is organised according to the country to which the book refers. For General studies.


 Public Sculpture in Australia
Michael Hedger, Hardcover - 132 pages (January 1996) Craftsman House; ISBN: 9768097795


 To Mark Our Place : History of Canadian War Memorials
Robert Shipley, David Street Hardcover (December 1987) NC Press, Canada; ISBN: 1550210149

 France & Flanders

 Great Britain

 Sons of this Place: Commemoration of the War Dead in Oxford's Colleges and Institutions
 Patricia Utechin,Paperback (October 1998), R Dugdale; ISBN:0946976074

 Air Force Memorials of Lincolnshire
 Mike Ingham, Paperback - 72 pages (July 1995) Midland Publishing; ISBN: 1857800354

 At the Going Down of the Sun...an Account of Croydon's War Memorials
 R.C.W. Cox, Paperback (December 1992) Croydon Nat. Hist & Scientific Soc; ISBN: 0906047064

 Light Perpetual
 David Beaty, Hardcover - 160 pages (May 1995) Airlife Publishing; ISBN: 1853105880

 War Memorials of Purton
 John Derek Belt Paperback (July, 1996) Purton Historical Society; ISBN: 0951714228



 Sites of Memory : War Memorials at the End of the Twentieth Century
 Catherine Moriarty, Paperback (October 1997) Imperial War Museum; ISBN: 1870423461

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